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Welcome to AI SnapRead for Jira - User Documentation


Recognize your screenshots so you can focus on your more essential tasks at hand rather than retyping the meeting's presentation screenshot.

Welcome to the innovative world of AI SnapRead for Jira! Unleash the power of text extraction and witness the magic as we bring hidden words from attachments to life with just a swish and flick! 🧙‍♂️✨

Table of Contents

Getting Started

To make it happen, simply install AI SnapRead for Jira on your Atlassian platform by following these simple steps:

  • Search for application AI SnapRead for Jira in the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Install AI SnapRead for Jira into your Jira Software Cloud environment.

  • in your Project's Issue the AI SnapRead button will be shown, click it to start up the application

Once you've installed AI SnapRead for Jira into your workspace, it will weave its magic, ready to reveal the secrets hidden within image attachments!

Extracting Text from Attachments

With a simple click, AI SnapRead swiftly extracts text from attachments, unveiling their contents with the help of advanced AI techniques. With more than 160 languages in mind there should be no problem to do the magic including text lines with mixed languages.

Images are loaded from issue attachments when you open the app (issue).

To see newly added images, attachments hit the Reload Attachments button. 🚀

Updating Text in the Text Area

When the text is extracted, you will get to edit the text before saving it as a comment.

The text area serves as your canvas, allowing you to fine-tune the extracted content according to your needs. In some cases, the extracted text may not be 100% accurate, despite the AI powerful OCR capabilities.
The text area enables you to make necessary adjustments for the best possible results before further processing the content in your own way.

Saving as a Comment

Save your thoughts with a professional touch by saving the edited text from the screenshot as a comment for later reference with your colleagues. Share your insights with colleagues as simple as possible 🗨️📋


🖼️ To guarantee a successful enchantment, ensure that each image attachment does not exceed a size of 16MB. Bigger might seem better, but within this limit lies the sweet spot for flawless processing and impeccable analysis. Embrace the magic of resizing or compressing larger images to unleash their full potential!

AI SnapRead currently focuses on text extraction from image attachments only such as screenshots in PNG or JPG, JPEG. Keep in mind, for now, PDF attachments are outside the scope of our magic. For PDF documents, consider alternative methods of handling text-based content. 📜🔍

Feedback and Support

Your invaluable feedback fuels the evolution of AI SnapRead for Jira. Share your insights, and together, we'll cultivate a more refined and impactful user experience! 📊🌱

Our channels are always open to hear from you! If you encounter any challenges or have questions about AI SnapRead for Jira, don't hesitate to reach out to us at our email: or via a ticket on our portal: 📧

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